Royal Soldiers at Your Service!

RG Promo Photo 2013

The Royal Guard was established in the late 1980s and has been performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for nearly 20 years, where we have entertained thousands of patrons.

The Royal Guard also travels regionally to other historical and Renaissance shows, where we not only perform, but also participate in education days and historical demonstrations: Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s Festival Friday, Salisbury House Foundation’s Salisbury Faire, and the Siouxland Renaissance Festival.

We provide fully costumed 16th Century characters ready to entertain any audience or educate school age children of all ages.  We can also provide historical and theatrical props appropriate to your presentation and venue.

The Royal Guard can help create a demonstration tailored to your needs and the age group of the participants.  A few of our past demonstrations covered a number of topics, such as:

  • The History of the Royal Guard
  • Historical Weapons & Armour
  • Knights & the story of St. George & the Dragon (our most popular show!)

For more information on how to make the Royal Guard part of your day, contact:

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